Expedite form delivery with Tyler Insurance Filings' cloud fax services

With the introduction of cloud fax services in four states, insurance filers can seamlessly transmit filings to state agencies.

Take advantage of this complimentary service and explore the full details of this exciting new feature.

Driving down risk: How insurers can champion safer roads with the Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) for motor carriers

Explore the vital advocacy role of insurers in promoting PSP among commercial policyholders, aiming to recruit reliable commercial motor vehicle drivers.

Discover how the program can bolster road safety for insured motor carriers.

The California DMV REG 1324 Insurance Policy Endorsement Form is available online using Tyler Insurance Filings

The CA DMV REG 1324, Insurance Policy Endorsement for Private Carrier of Passengers, can now be generated and managed online. This endorsement is the sixth California-specific form available in Tyler Insurance Filings.

Read more about the newest form and how to quickly generate a copy for your policyholders.

Policy expiration date tracking is now available for Form H filings

The inclusion of an expiration date field on the Form H and the enhanced Policy Expiration Report aids users in monitoring necessary insurance filings for each policy reported across state agencies.

Learn more about how to use this feature.

Tyler Insurance Filings 2023 highlights

Last year, Tyler Insurance Filings continued a regular cadence of system updates that focused on new features and adding value - from a new look to a new form, new reports, faster delivery, and more!

Take a look back at our program highlights from 2023.

Washington's new rule for reviewing surplus lines brokers speeds up insurance filing approvals

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission's (UTC) simplified review process will now allow insurance policies written by non-admitted insurance companies to be reviewed internally by UTC staff.

Learn more about this rule change and how to submit filings as a non-admitted insurer.

New report allows insurance users to search by expiration date

A new Policy Expiration Report allows insurance users to easily review policies that may need a notice of cancellation, renewal, or reinstatement.

Discover how to use the expiration date field to improve policy management.

New autopopulation options now available for more California filings

Our autopopulate feature, launched in 2022, saves time by allowing users to generate a new form using data from a previously filed and agency accepted form. With the expansion of this feature to MCP 67 and REG 1323, this feature is now available for 7 forms.

Take advantage of this feature and learn where to find filings eligible for one-click reinstatement or cancellation.

Louisiana expands use of electronic insurance filings

The Louisiana Public Service Commission rule change now allows for all insurance filings (initial, renewal, and cancellation) to be submitted online.

Read more about this rulemaking and how you can use Tyler Insurance Filings to electronically file all of your Louisiana filings.

A new National Digital Titling Clearinghouse is changing the game for insurers

Tyler Technologies, Champ Titles, and the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles have streamlined the process to obtain a vehicle title from anywhere in the country.

Read how insurance carriers can benefit from this brand new, national service.

Tyler Insurance Filings adds Policy Expiration Date feature

Insurance users can now add the policy expiration date during the Create Filing process for Form E and California MCP 65 filings.

Read how including this data leads to enhanced reporting and better tracking of upcoming policy expirations for cancellation and renewal reporting.

Web service integration options expanded to include Iowa and Washington

Tyler Insurance Filings expanded web service capabilities to include more states and enhanced "get" filings methods.

Learn how insurance companies can simplify filing to 23 participating states with integration.

Tyler Insurance Filings adds the California MCP 67 policy endorsement to form offerings

The MCP 67 (also known as MC 67 M) Insurance Policy Endorsement can now be generated and managed online through Tyler Insurance Filings. This endorsement is our fifth California-specific form available online.

Read more about the newest form here.

Georgia filing interface enhanced to accept insurance certificates for more intrastate passenger carrier types

Tyler Insurance Filings now accepts Georgia filings for passenger carriers with vehicles that hold ten passengers or fewer.

Learn more about the Georgia Department of Public Safety's (DPS) insurance filing requirements for intrastate carriers.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission updates authority types for intrastate motor carriers

Pennsylvania filers will notice updates to the online filing interface when generating E and H forms.

Read more about the new Authority/Service options for motor carriers regulated by the Pennsylvania PUC.

Admitted Insurers, Non-admitted Insurers, Charitable Risk Pools, and Risk Retention Groups can file insurance online to California with Tyler Insurance Filings

The California DMV accepts electronic certificate of insurance filings from all types of insurers.

Read these tips to ensure the correct information is recorded into each filing.

NIC Insurance Filings is now Tyler Insurance Filings

We've got a new look! Our rebrand to Tyler Insurance Filings includes updated content and redesign of our website, a new URL, and updated email addresses. Take a look at our new website and read user tips.

Read more here

New Michigan improvements expected to reduce processing time

Michigan is the latest state agency to receive customizations from Tyler Insurance Filings and integrate with our web services. Read about the new enhancements and how Tyler Insurance Filings creates efficiencies for state agencies.

Read more here

Tyler Insurance Filings enhances data security with electronic reporting

Tyler Insurance Filings takes data security and privacy seriously. Discover six ways electronic reporting improves security and how Tyler Insurance Filings protects sensitive data.

Read more here

New report helps agency administrators monitor account activity

The User Activity Report provides agency administrators with insights into account activity, including the results of filing reviews and summaries. Learn how to use these reports to monitor your team's productivity and identify any potential gaps in form processing.

Read more here

Web service offerings upgraded to pull precise sets of data into government systems

Government agencies connected to web services can now take advantage of our expanded search functions and data filtering. Learn how the new getFilings method is being used by agencies to eliminate manual filing review and support automated data analysis and processing.

Read more here

A look back on 2022 - plus a glimpse of the future

Check out a recap of NIC Insurance Filings' 2022 highlights, like improved automatic processing for California filings, features to autopopulate your reinstatement filings and cancellations, and more. We also preview an upcoming rebrand of NIC Insurance Filings. Read more about the current and future status of NIC Insurance Filings (soon to be Tyler Insurance Filings).

Read more here

Use new autofill feature to simplify E and H reinstatements

A new feature helps users autopopulate filing data to improve the efficiency and accuracy of reinstatement filings. Learn how to copy filing data into a new filing with one click.

Read more here

New liability fields to support split limit coverage

NIC Insurance Filings' Form E filing interface now allows users to enter split liability limit amounts. Take a look at the new fields to report liability limits for Bodily Injury and Property Damage separately.

Read more here

Submit Form K filings that meet Georgia's requirements the first time with NIC Insurance Filings

The Georgia Department of Public Safety requires Form K filings to include state-specific information issued to a motor carrier upon registration. Review how NIC Insurance Filings prompts you to provide the right information to file your Form K successfully.

Read more here

New web service integration options are now available for NIC Insurance Filings users

NIC's web service integration can help you streamline your filing process by exchanging data with your internal system automatically. Read this article to learn about how the web service works and recent enhancements to capture data required by Georgia.

Read more here

Georgia filing data validations updated for Form E, Form H, and Form K in NIC Insurance Filings system

NIC Insurance Filings is the Georgia Department of Public Safety's preferred method for secure filing of Forms E, H, and K to meet agency requirements. The agency teamed up with NIC to add new state-specific data fields and validations for Form E, Form H, and Form K to improve data quality and speed up the review process.

Read more here

California MCP 65 reinstatement filing simplified with "Reinstate" button

Insurance filers can now quickly reinstate a California policy by using the new "Reinstate Form CA65" button. Review this simple process to complete your reinstatements in only a few clicks.

Read more here

Refer a friend to earn free filings through NIC Insurance Filings

Spread the word about the advantages of NIC Insurance Filings and we'll thank you with a credit for free filings! Learn how to participate in this limited-time promotion.

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NIC Insurance Filings celebrates the first anniversary of the automated review process for MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings

Last year, NIC Insurance Filings and the California DMV teamed up to implement an efficient automated review system for MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings. Read more about how the system has reviewed thousands of filings in the last year without manual intervention.

Read more here

State development preview: review filing history directly from your New Filings list

An upcoming enhancement will help agency users quickly and efficiently evaluate filing history for new filings awaiting review. Read more about how this feature will work and the expected benefits to state agencies.

Read more here

NIC Insurance Filings is featured in the Spot On Insurance podcast series

This summer NIC Insurance Filings' Director of Operations, Teri Berschneider, chatted with Arleen and Ted Taveras at Spot On Insurance, an educational resource for professionals in insurance. Read more about the highlights of the episode.

Read more here

Simplify your filing process and create an MCP 66 from an accepted MCP 65

Speed up your California insurance cancellation filing process with NIC Insurance Filings' newest feature. Learn how to autopopulate your MCP 66 filings with information from the corresponding MCP 65.

Read more here

Automatically file SR22, MCP 65, and more insurance forms to state agencies today

Insurance companies can connect their backend systems to NIC Insurance Filings to automatically submit insurance forms and receive back status updates from state agencies. Hear from an insurance company about their experience and read more about the set up process.

Read more here

File Iowa SR22 and SR26 and download the PDF certificates immediately

Insurance filers can now obtain PDFs of SR22 and SR26 forms after submitting to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Review the steps to save a copy directly from your account.

Read more here

State user tips: how to manage filings that you're not ready to process

NIC Insurance Filings can help agency users stay organized when filings cannot be processed right away. Review how to assign a Pending status and learn about a future reminder feature to ensure pending filings are not forgotten.

Read more here

File SR22 and SR26 forms to Maine now through NIC Insurance Filings

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles now accepts SR22 and SR26 proof of insurance forms through NIC Insurance Filings. Learn more about how to submit these personal auto insurance forms using your existing account.

Read more here

Pennsylvania PUC now receives 99% of Form E, H, and K filings online through NIC Insurance Filings

The PUC has worked with NIC Insurance Filings to nearly eliminate paper filings of common commercial insurance forms. Online filings have increased 40% since 2019. See how your agency can increase online filings and decrease motor carrier suspensions with help from the NIC Insurance Filings Team.

Read more here

Washington UTC uses NIC Insurance Filings to improve accuracy of commercial insurance records

The Washington UTC embarked on an effort to update the state's commercial insurance records and called on NIC Insurance Filings for assistance. Read about how this collaboration benefitted the agency and insurance companies in eliminating outstanding risk.

Read more here

Non-admitted insurers can now electronically file MCP 65, REG 1323 to California

Turn off your fax machine and file to the California DMV online. Learn more about how insurers not licensed in California can now file MCP 65, MCP 66, REG 1323 and REG 1325 electronically.

Read more here

Meet the NIC Insurance Filings Team at upcoming industry events

Come see us in-person at an upcoming event and discuss how we can help add efficiencies to your process for reporting proof of insurance. Read more about upcoming events.

Read more here

Insurance Companies Now Filing with Automated Integration

Web service integration enables insurance companies to connect to NIC Insurance Filings via their internal systems, allowing users to rapidly transmit and review filing information.

Read more here

California Automation Progress and Pending Filings

With automated review, 80% of California's forms are processed in just one business day! What happens when a filing is marked as "pending" status?

Read more here

Form Filing Lifecycle: What Happens After You Hit Submit?

What happens after an insurance form is generated? The filing summary page and search feature can help you track all your forms as they are being processed, and notify you when more action is required.

Read more here

Update Filing Company Setup to Improve Your Filing Process

Account administrators can improve filing acceptance rates by keeping your filing company information up-to-date. Review our checklist for important tips.

Read more here

State Highlight: Comments Feature Streamlines Reviews

State users can speed up filing reviews by selecting frequently used comments from the drop-down menu. Administrators can edit and customize which comments appear to users.

Read more here

Tips for Successful Filing with California's New Automated Review System

The California DMV and NIC Insurance Filings teamed up to implement a new automated review system to speed up filing review times.

Read more here

Iowa DOT Now Only Accepts Online Filings

As of 7/1/21, Iowa's policy is to accept insurance filings online only. NIC Insurance Filings is ready to help, offering 5 different forms for filing with the Iowa DOT.

Read more here

MCS-90 Now Updated to Latest Version

NIC Insurance Filings now includes the newest version of the MCS-90, issued earlier this year by the FMCSA.

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NIC Insurance Filings Includes State Agency Resources for Filing Questions

NIC Insurance Filings incorporates guidance from state agencies to answer your questions and help you file successfully. Learn what's available for users, and where to find the info.

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State Feature Spotlight: Fix Erroneous Filing Rejections

Have you ever rejected a filing by mistake and wished you could undo it? Your state administrator can take care of it using the Rejected Filings feature.

Read more here

Iowa's Online Filing Deadline Nears

Last year, NIC Insurance Filings launched service to submit filings online to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Now we're getting close to Iowa's online filing deadline - as of July 1st, insurers must file their forms electronically.

Read more here

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Requires Online Insurance Form Filing

During the pandemic, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) processed insurance documentation in a timely manner by requiring users to file online with NIC Insurance Filings. This spring, the PUC is working toward making online filing mandatory.

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SR-22 and SR-26 Service Now Available for Washington Department of Licensing

In February 2021, NIC Insurance Filings rolled out new filing service with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) for SR-22 and SR-26 insurance forms. These forms apply to high-risk personal auto insurance as part of our expansion beyond the motor carrier insurance sector.

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Maintain Your Account and Increase Your Awareness with Easy-to-Use Administrator Features

NIC Insurance Filings has been around for two decades, meaning some insurance companies may have set up accounts 20 years ago! Even newer companies might notice that some information in their account is outdated. User accounts, filing company, and signer information included in the initial set up could remain active in spite of changes at your company over time.

Read more here

New Communications and Enhancements Guide Successful Filings to Illinois

Last quarter, the NIC Insurance Filings team worked with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to share information with users to help them file successfully the first time.

Read more here

NIC Insurance Filings Improves Processing for California Non-Admitted Insurance Companies

NIC Insurance Filings collaborated with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to improve system options for handling filings from non-admitted insurance companies. These enhancements help the agency process filings entirely online by the right agency staff, without asking non-admitted companies to fax forms.

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Insurance Web Service Integration Expanded to Include Forms E, H, and K

NIC Insurance Filings added three forms to the web service integration options available for insurance companies to automate filings. These forms include Form E, Form H, and Form K.

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2020 Highlights

In 2020, NOR MCInfo became NIC Insurance Filings. Service expanded into Iowa and Washington, and the addition of 2 California-specific forms and 3 high-risk insurance forms to file online.

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New Features for State Agencies

The NIC Insurance Filings team developed new features to help state agencies process insurance filings more efficiently. The new interface enhancements help state agencies search for filings, process individual filings more quickly, and reduce typing. Agency administrators can reverse erroneous rejections too.

Read more here

State Pandemic Support

NIC Insurance Filings is glad to support state agencies to improve data quality and increase compliance with state requirements. During the pandemic, NIC Insurance Filings helped the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission continue to serve insurance companies and prevent lapses in coverage.

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Streamline Filing Processes with Web Services for Insurance Users

Insurance companies have a new option to integrate NIC Insurance Filings with their own internal systems and processes.

Read more here

Coming Soon: File SR22 and SR26 to Washington Department of Licensing

NIC Insurance Filings is preparing to add SR22 and SR26 filing service for the Washington Department of Licensing. Take a peek at the new form and learn more about our system's current filing options for Washington.

Read more here

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