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2 New States, 5 New Forms, 1 New Name: NOR MCInfo Becomes NIC Insurance Filings

Published: January 26, 2021

2020 was a challenging year for all but also an exciting year of growth and change for NIC Insurance Filings.

Customer feedback

"Love the [NIC Insurance Filings] system!"

"Very user friendly."

At the beginning of the pandemic, we made system adjustments toassist states moving from an in-person environment to a remoteone. One of the hallmarks of NIC Insurance Filings is our ability to make quick adjustments to meet state-specific needs. Read "Making it Work During the Pandemic" to learn more about how.

Additionally, we changed our name from NOR MCInfo to NIC Insurance Filings in September. This reflects our latest expansions of service:

  • The program expanded and now offers service in Iowa and Washington.
  • California expanded electronic filing options to include Private Carrier of Passengers forms REG 1323 and REG 1325.
  • New filing options incorporate an additional insurance type: high-risk personal auto insurance.
  • SR-22 and SR-26 forms are now available for filing to the Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles and in development for the Washington Department of Licensing. SR-23, proof of financial responsibility for vehicle fleets, is also available for filing to Iowa.

Users can also continue generating intrastate motor carrier and federal insurance forms.

Screenshot of the create filing page.

On the create filing page, users can select from 16 different forms and 23 different states available for online filing. We also added some enhancements to make it easier for participating government agencies to process forms quickly. Read more in the feature spotlight.

We thank our current users for continuing to take advantage of the efficient NIC Insurance Filings system to file and monitor progress every day. If you want to start working with us this year, sign up now. We have more states, forms and enhancements on tap for 2021.

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