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Tyler Insurance Filings adds the California MCP 67 policy endorsement to form offerings

You can use Tyler Insurance Filings to securely generate and manage required insurance filings online

Published: July 13, 2023

We are pleased to announce a new form offering for California filers.

The California MCP 67 (also known as MC 67 M) Insurance Policy Endorsement is now available for users to generate using Tyler Insurance Filings. Motor carriers with authority to operate in California and hold insurance policy endorsements are required to maintain a copy of this document to demonstrate their financial responsibility and compliance with state regulations.

The MCP 67 form explains, "This Endorsement shall be attached to and made a part of all policies insuring motor carriers of property required to obtain a permit pursuant to the Motor Carriers of Property Permit Act, commencing with California Vehicle Code section 34600. The purpose of this Endorsement is to assure compliance with the Act and related rules and regulations."

This form can be quickly and conveniently generated online for insurance companies to share with their motor carrier customers.

With the addition of the MCP 67, Tyler Insurance Filings now offers five state-specific insurance forms for California. Other available forms include:

  • MCP 65 (or MC 65 M), Motor Carriers of Property Certificate of Insurance
  • MCP 66 (or MC 66 M), Notice of Cancellation of Insurance
  • REG 1323, Private Carriers of Passengers Certificate of Insurance
  • REG 1325, Notice of Cancellation of Insurance

Tyler Insurance Filings users can produce the MCP 67 form through their web-based account within minutes by clicking through the Create Filing interface.

Interface for creating a CA MCP 67 (MC 67 M) Endorsement form

Enter the motor carrier information and insurance policy details, and download the completed form right away.

Screenshot of the filing summary page, where users can download a copy of the MCP 67  form

Unlike the other California forms offered by Tyler Insurance Filings, the system does not transmit the MCP 67 Insurance Policy Endorsement form to the California DMV. The California DMV Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) Unit does not review MCP 67 endorsements.

MCP 65, MCP 66, REG 1323, and REG 1325 forms created through our system will continue to be sent electronically to the California DMV and the majority processed in as little as one business day. In addition, insurance filers that use Tyler Insurance Filings to generate filings to California can take advantage of our time-saving autofill feature. With autocomplete, policies can be canceled or reinstated with just a few clicks. Read more about how to reinstate a canceled policy form from a previous filing, or how to create an MCP 66 cancellation notice from an existing MCP 65 filing.

Users of Tyler Insurance Filings can easily query and review all past submissions generated using the Tyler Insurance Filings system, whether submitted electronically to the government agency or created to generate an official PDF certificate for record keeping or to share with the policyholder. Users can also access customizable reports of filing activity including form name, policy numbers, filing status for electronically submitted filings, and more.

You can log in to your account to access the insurance user manual that includes more information about creating MCP 67 filings and other fundamental account features described above.

For help with California forms or any of our available forms, please contact customer service at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com or call 703-841-6374.

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