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Expedite form delivery with Tyler Insurance Filings' cloud fax services

Simplify your process for reporting proof of coverage to Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, and West Virginia

Published: April 16, 2024

Tyler Insurance Filings has launched cloud-based fax services for submitting commercial insurance forms to four state agencies, at no additional cost.

This service offers insurance professionals a reliable alternative for document transmission to government agencies where direct electronic connectivity to Tyler Insurance Filings may be limited or unavailable.

With the introduction of cloud fax services, insurance filers can now conveniently generate and transmit intrastate motor carrier insurance forms E, H, and K directly from the Tyler Insurance Filings system. This integration of fax capabilities eliminates the need for traditional fax machines and enables users to streamline their workflow effectively.

One of the key benefits of this new feature is accessibility. Insurance filers can opt in to use the complimentary fax service during the process of creating a new filing in Tyler Insurance Filings, making it convenient and easy to initiate document transmissions, and eliminating any printing or manual actions related to traditional faxing. Additionally, there is no extra charge associated with using this service.

The complimentary cloud fax service is available for filing Form E, Form H, and Form K to Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Tyler Insurance Filings continues to file forms through the standard online system to 24 other state agencies and provide PDF form generation for states where online and cloud fax filing is unavailable.

Cloud fax submission is now available for four states: Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

To submit an insurance filing via fax, check one or more "Opt In" boxes to submit proof of insurance documentation to the state or states where your motor carrier client operates.

Check the 'Opt In' box to use the complimentary cloud fax feature.

When using the optional fax service, the insurance form will be sent to the selected state agency. It's important to note that while Tyler strives to ensure the successful delivery of faxed documents, there may be instances where delivery cannot be guaranteed due to external factors beyond our control. In the event of unsuccessful fax delivery, filers will receive an email notification with recommendations for next steps.

Once queued, faxes are usually transmitted to the appropriate state agency within minutes. Fax statuses are updated in Tyler Insurance Filings and can be viewed by running Custom Reports. In some cases, users may not see a change in fax status for up to two hours.

Filers can use Custom Reports to view the status of fax submissions.

For assistance or questions about our new cloud fax service, users are encouraged to contact customer support at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com . Additionally, explore our updated Products Map to find information on the forms and services available by state through Tyler Insurance Filings.

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