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NIC Insurance Filings celebrates the first anniversary of the automated review process for MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings

Most California DMV filings now processed in one business day thanks to system integration

Published: October 27, 2022

One year has passed since NIC Insurance Filings and the California DMV launched automated processing for MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings!

Before July 2021, all California filings were reviewed manually by DMV staff. The large volume of filings would often create a backlog that could take weeks to get through.

"The automated review process has substantially decreased staff time committed to reviewing filings."

- Tamisha Anderson, Unit Manager, Motor Carrier Permit Operations

Last summer the California DMV partnered with NIC to implement a more efficient approach. Each night, NIC Insurance Filings automatically transfers all new filings received on the previous day to the agency's Motor Carrier Permit system. The DMV coded the agency's business rules into an automated review process that automatically validates the filing data and returns status updates to NIC Insurance Filings. The NIC Insurance Filings team enhanced its system to automatically apply these status updates and send out the usual notifications to insurance filers. NIC's Create Filing interface was also customized with data validations that guide filers through providing data that is compatible with the California DMV system.

The new streamlined process reduced review times to one business day.

As of August 2022, thousands of MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings have been handled by the automated review process, resulting in a significant drop in the number of filings submitted by mail or fax.

"The automated review process has substantially decreased staff time committed to reviewing filings. Today our staff only spends one day each week processing paper forms," reported Tamisha Anderson, Unit Manager, Motor Carrier Permit Operations.

Integration between NIC Insurance Filings and the CA DMV system also eliminated manual data entry of online filings for the MCP staff. "Each filing used to take an average of three minutes to enter into our system. The integration frees up this staff time to fulfill other important responsibilities," Ms. Anderson explained. The CA DMV would have to commit dozens of staff hours each week to match the one business day turnaround time achieved by the automated review system.

NIC Insurance Filings offers web service integration for both state agencies and insurance filers. Insurance filer integration allows companies to submit filing data automatically from their backend policy management systems, and to pull filing status updates directly back into their internal systems.

The NIC team is always available to help your company or agency set up integration! Learn more about our standard web service integration by reviewing the protocol documents for insurance filers and state agencies. Reach out to us at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com to discuss your integration needs and get started.

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