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State development preview: review filing history directly from your New Filings list

NIC Insurance Filings will identify prior filings for a policy to assist with your review process

Published: October 27, 2022

Insurance companies often file multiple forms each year, or even within months, for one insured party. This scenario can create a lengthy filing history for state users to track. An upcoming feature will help you easily review this history in one place.

The NIC Insurance Filings team is working with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to pilot an enhancement to identify previous filings related to a new filing awaiting review. The NIC Insurance Filings system examines each new filing and searches for prior filings that contain matching information. Matches can be derived from policy numbers, as well as state identification numbers where available. Each agency will need to select criteria for identifying matches before the feature is implemented for your organization.

The new feature aims to improve your awareness of the history of an insured's insurance policy coverage before you take action. Benefits include:

  • Gain a broader understanding of the context of a filing without searching manually for more information
  • Access a central location to fact check and review prior decision-making processes
  • Analyze filings more efficiently to improve compliance with state regulations and prevent fraud

Filing History Interface

If a possible related filing is located, a button will appear on your New Filings list to indicate a potential match:

Screen shot showing View related Filings button on the New Filings For State User Single Submit page.

When you click on the View Related Filings button, a new tab will open displaying information about any related filings in the familiar search results format:

Screen shot showing Related Filings page.

Once you have reviewed the related filings, you can return to the New Filings list to finish processing the new filing.

Is your agency interested in reviewing filing histories from your New Filings page? Reach out to discuss your preferred criteria for generating matches. Start the conversation by emailing support@tylerinsurancefilings.com.

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