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New Michigan improvements expected to reduce processing time

Tyler Insurance Filings partners with Michigan to verify insurance for motor carrier applicants

Published: April 13, 2023

The Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) has modernized their intrastate motor carrier application process and launched a new CVED Authority Portal (CAP) for online registrations. The registration process requires a Form E or Form H from the insurance company to demonstrate the motor carrier has active liability insurance coverage.

In support of this effort, several enhancements were made to Tyler Insurance Filings to expedite and streamline the agency's review of motor carrier certificate of insurance forms E, H, and K. The first update requires filers to include a motor carrier state identification number, or CVED number, for all intrastate commercial filings submitted to Michigan. The updated interface looks like this:

Michigan now requires insurance filers to include the motor carrier's CVED or USDOT number on the Form E.

All Form E, Form H, and Form K (insurance cancellation notice) filings submitted to the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division must include either:

  • CVED number: Any motor carrier that has applied for authority to operate in Michigan will be issued a CVED number, regardless of their application status. Filers can use the CVED Authority Carrier Search tool to look up a motor carrier's CVED number.
  • OR
  • US DOT number: This number is issued when the motor carrier registers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If the motor carrier does not have a CVED number, filers can submit the carrier's US DOT number instead. Look up the US DOT number in the FMCSA SAFER system.

In addition, the Michigan State Police integrated their CAP system with Tyler Insurance Filings via web services for automatic data processing and to streamline the process to approve a motor carrier's registration. Learn more about how Michigan utilizes our new get Filings feature to automatically locate Form E filings associated with a motor carrier.

Electronic submission through Tyler Insurance Filings is strongly encouraged. These new enhancements will enable the agency to quickly and accurately match the motor carrier's financial responsibility information with their CVED motor carrier permit application. Read more about Michigan intrastate operating authority at https://michigan.gov/msp/divisions/cved/regulatory.

The Tyler Insurance Filings Customer Support Team is always here to help answer questions and share filing tips. Feel free to reach out to support@tylerinsurancefilings.com.

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