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Georgia filing data validations updated for Form E, Form H, and Form K in NIC Insurance Filings system

Enhancements will improve compliance and help you file successfully every time

Published: October 27, 2022

"NIC Insurance Filings is the Georgia Department of Public Safety's preferred method for secure filing of Forms E, H, K to meet agency requirements."

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) and NIC Insurance Filings teams recently collaborated to implement expanded data collection and validations that will guide users through providing all the information required by the DPS. These validations are expected to speed up the agency review process and improve filing acceptance rates.

The DPS requires the same information for all filings, whether you submit on paper or online. Filing online through NIC Insurance Filings will help you ensure your filings are in compliance the first time, and will offer the usual fast online feedback.

If you haven't seen these updates yet, then you'll notice the changes the next time you file Forms E, H, and K to Georgia. See below for more information about what you can expect.

Motor Carrier Registration Requirement

Forms E, H, and K filed for Georgia require information that is determined during the motor carrier's registration process for operating authority, like a state ID number, to be included on the form. Make sure the insured motor carrier has completed this registration before you file the proof of insurance.

Georgia also requires filings to contain motor carrier name and address information that exactly matches information on the MCS-150 form. This information is available in the motor carrier's FMCSA SAFER Company Snapshot.

Motor Carrier Operating Status and Authority Types

Next time you file to Georgia, you will notice the Create Filings page has been updated with new questions to collect state-specific information about the insured motor carrier. If you file to Pennsylvania, then this concept might be familiar to you.

Each motor carrier registered to operate in Georgia should have the following information as part of their registration:

After you select a Form Type (Form E, Form H, or Form K), the second page of the form will display questions to collect the above information about your insured motor carrier.

As you answer each question, the form will be updated to display additional questions based on your answers. For example, a Form E for an Intrastate carrier will prompt you to select from the applicable list of authority/service types:

Screen shot of GA Form E filing form with Operation Status and Type of Authority questions.

Authority Type/Service choices are based on the type of form and Operating Status Type that you select:

  • "GIMC" will appear as a choice for Form E filings for motor carriers with Intrastate operating status. GIMC does not require Form H or Form K filings.
  • "Household Goods" will appear as a choice for Forms E, H, and K filings. Form H filings are only required for motor carriers with Household Goods Authority.
  • "Passenger Carrier" will appear as a choice for Forms E and K filings.

Next, your answers to the Type of Authority/Service question will generate Household Goods Type and Passenger Carrier Type questions if applicable:

Screen shot of GA Form E filing form with Household Goods Type and Passenger Carrier Type questions.

At least one answer is required for each question. You may select up to three Passenger Carrier Type options.

State ID Numbers

The filing interface will prompt you to provide a motor carrier's Georgia state ID number(s) based on the authority types applicable to the motor carrier.

NIC Insurance Filings will collect all required numbers and check for proper number formats. This will help ensure your filing is accurate and complete, and direct your filing to the correct Georgia staff for faster processing.

A motor carrier may have up to three state ID numbers depending on the types of authority they hold. NIC Insurance Filings identifies these numbers as MCA (GIMC) ID, Household Goods ID, and/or Passenger Carrier ID. You will be prompted to provide the required numbers for each motor carrier:

Screen shot of GA Form E filing form with Georgia motor carrier ID number fields.

These numbers are assigned during the registration process for operating in Georgia.

NIC Insurance Filings will attempt to ensure your state ID numbers meet all formatting requirements before you can submit successfully. Error messages will tell you when a number does not meet validation requirements, e.g., GIMC numbers begin with the letter "A":

Screen shot of GA Form E filing form error message for invalid Georgia MCA ID number format.

Reach out for help!

We're glad to review the new fields for Georgia filings and help you file successfully. Drop us a line at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com or (703) 841-6374.

Does your company submit a lot of filings? NIC Insurance Filings web services may be a good solution to automate your filing process. Read the protocol document to learn more or contact our team for more information.

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