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2021 Quarter 2

Iowa's Online Filing Deadline is July 1st - Start Filing Online Today!

Starting July 1st, the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) will require online submission for all insurance filings. NIC Insurance Filings has supported online filings to the Iowa DOT since last year, and you can submit filings online anytime. The system even verifies compliance with the agency's filing rules before submission.

Learn more about Iowa filing services and how to begin.

Iowa state will require electronic insurance filings, like SR-22 Form.

Pennsylvania Moves Toward Mandatory Online Filing

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has required online filing since the beginning of the pandemic. Electronic filings led to improvements in processing time and communications with insurance companies, and the agency will only accept online filings in the long-term.

Read more about article on how to file online to Pennsylvania with NIC Insurance Filings.

"We have been able to keep insurance filings active and communicate with insurers effectively by relying on electronic filings and communications."

- Tatjana Roth, Pennsylvania

SR-22 and SR-26 Filing Service for Washington

NIC Insurance Filings now offers SR-22 and SR-26 filing service for the Washington Department of Licensing! Take a look at the specialized form features and review more information about other services available for the state of Washington.

Screenshot of interface for SR-22 form to be filed and electronic filing states available.

Account Administrator Features Keep Your Account Up-to-Date

Every NIC Insurance Filings account has administrator features to make sure your account contains the latest user, filing company, and authorized signer information.

Learn more about account maintenance features, as well as password reset and reporting features available to company administrators.

"Our experience has been positive. The website is easy to use."

- Insurance Company User (Survey Response)

Illinois Shares Tips for Successful Filings

Did you know that a unique motor carrier ID number is required for filings to Illinois? The Illinois Commerce Commission worked with NIC Insurance Filings to highlight this rule and share more recommendations with filers. Check out the details.

Screenshot of link to Illinois to help users easily access the ILCC number lookup page.

Enhancements for California Filings from Non-Admitted Insurance Companies

The California Department of Motor Vehicles handles filings from non-admitted insurance companies differently from admitted insurers' filings. NIC Insurance Filings now prompts filers to provide required surplus line broker information, and routes non-admitted filings to the right person at the agency.

Read more on article about these enhancements.

Screenshot of interface for Create Filings page with insurance information form.

Web Service Integration Now Available for Forms E, H, and K

Insurance companies can now submit and receive data for Forms E, H, and K automatically via integration with their internal systems.

Read an overview of these services.

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