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Tyler Insurance Filings 2023 highlights

Improving insurance reporting for 25 years

Published: January 16, 2024

In 2023, Tyler Insurance Filings accomplished major improvements in all facets of the program - from the website to customer service to new forms and more! Here's a look back at some of our program highlights from last year.

New year, new name, and new website

We started the year with the unveiling of our rebranded name, Tyler Insurance Filings, and website, www.tylerinsurancefilings.com. We are excited to officially be part of the Tyler Technologies family. The rebrand also included a refresh of the Tyler Insurance Filings website and system to include newly designed pages for all current users. Read this article for a recap of changes to our public website.

A rundown of state-specific updates

Georgia adds new type of service, Passenger Carrier (10 passengers or fewer)

Last year, the Georgia Department of Public Safety continued to enhance filing options in Tyler Insurance Filings to encourage online adoption. The filing interface was updated to allow for insurers to file certification of insurance for small intrastate vehicles carrying 10 passengers or less. These motor carriers are required to apply for Passenger Carrier authority with the state. This update and Georgia intrastate operating authority was highlighted in the 2023 Q2 newsletter.

Georgia filers can use the Passenger Carrier (10 passengers or fewer) service type option to file for small, intrastate vehicles.

Louisiana updates 1976 rule, allowing electronic delivery of insurance filings

As of October 13, 2023, all Louisiana insurance filings (initial, renewal, and cancellation) can now be submitted through Tyler Insurance Filings. This change was the result of a modernization to Louisiana Public Service Commission General Order dated January 12, 1976. Louisiana Commissioner Campbell agreed the option to put all filings in the electronic system "makes sense." Read a summary of the exchange from the Business and Executive session in September 2023.

Michigan integrates with Tyler Insurance Filings web services

In 2023, the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) completed the modernization of CVED Authority Portal (CAP) for intrastate motor carriers. This modernization effort included integration with Tyler Insurance Filings web services to automate the exchange and processing of Michigan insurance filings. This project also involved updates to business rules, to include requiring the insured's CVED or USDOT number on Form E, Form H, and Form K. Read more about the integration with CAP and how Michigan insurance data is automatically transferred to the state's system.

Pennsylvania simplifies type of service options for form E and H filings

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has partnered with Tyler Insurance Filings for over 16 years to make filing insurance to government more efficient. The Pennsylvania forms E and H require the insurance company to accurately select the type of service included in the insured's authority to operate application for the state. In 2023, the agency simplified these preset options for trucks, carriers of property/freight, and household good movers by reducing four options down to two choices. Check out how the forms now offer better selections for service type.

Non-admitted insurers can file electronically to Washington

In the summer of 2023, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved new rules that made it easier for motor carriers to use surplus lines insurance. As a result, Tyler Insurance Filings confirmed with the agency that non-admitted insurers can file certificates of insurance to the state online using Tyler Insurance Filings. Read more about last year's rule change in this quarter's newsletter.

File 17 forms in Tyler Insurance Filings

In the summer of 2023, we added the California MCP 67 (or MC 67 M), Insurance Policy Endorsement, as another filing option available to Tyler Insurance Filings' users. Motor carriers operating in the state of California must keep a copy of this certificate as proof of financial responsibility. The MCP 67 form can be pre-populated from an approved MCP 65 form with one click of a button.

File 17 forms in Tyler Insurance Filings, including the latest addition of the California MCP 67 Endorsement.

New features added for Tyler Insurance Filings' users

Quickly autofill insurance forms with one-click

In 2023, our autofill features were expanded to more forms to include the California MCP 67 Insurance Policy Endorsement, California Private Passenger Carrier REG 1323 Certification of Insurance, and Maine and Iowa SR-26 cancellation notices. To use the quick and simple one-click options, search for your filing in the Search Filings interface and click the "Create" or "Reinstate" button.

New policy expiration date field offers tracking and reporting

A new feature was added in 2023 to allow insurance filers to add the policy expiration date when filing Form E and California MCP 65. This is an optional field and data entered is not sent to the state. By including the policy expiration date, insurers can take advantage of new tracking reports and upcoming new features - like automated alerts for upcoming policy renewals. Use the new Policy Expiration Report to review policies set to expire in the next 7, 14, 30 and 60 days.

Enter combined single limit or split limits on Form E

As part of the first release of 2023, the liability limit section of the Form E was enhanced to include combined single limit or split limit options. Insurance filers can enter separate liability limit amounts for bodily injury per person, bodily injury total per accident, and property damage per accident, or enter a combined single limit that covers all three. The liability limit information is included with the PDF form certificate. Read more about this change and how it was suggested by a current user.

Enter a Combined Single Limit or split liability limits when filing a Form E.

State Users can monitor performance with the new User Activity Report

The User Activity Report helps state admin users monitor staff activity in Tyler Insurance Filings. Use this report to review Acceptance and Rejection rates, analyze trends, and track staff productivity. This report was added by user request and breaks down filing counts by status and agency user.

Expanded web services now includes Iowa, Washington, and new retrieve filings method

The Tyler Insurance Filings web service was due for a refresh to improve performance as well as modernize the web service code. In addition, the web service was expanded to offer filing to Iowa and Washington, two participating states. Web service users can automatically file insurance forms to 23 states. In 2023, we also added new SOAP methods, getFilings and getFilingsOR, to expand search and filter options when retrieving filing data. Review the Tyler Insurance Filings Insurance Web Service Specification to get started on integration today.

2023 was another stellar year for Tyler Insurance Filings. In 2024, we will celebrate 25 years of delivering a digital solution that helps government and businesses streamline compliance with mandatory insurance reporting programs. We look forward to continued innovation and modernization of the program in 2024 and beyond!

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