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California MCP 65 reinstatement filing simplified with "Reinstate" button

Improve efficiency by reducing data entry to only the effective dates for a reinstatement filing

Published: October 27, 2022

NIC Insurance Filings has always prioritized reducing repeat data entry by allowing you to file to multiple states at the same time. Earlier this year, we added autopopulation of data for cancelling your previous filings.

This past quarter, we added a new feature to increase filing efficiency for MCP 65 filings: a "Reinstate" button to create a copy of a previously approved CA 65 filings for reinstating a policy.

To begin the process to reinstate prior coverage, use the Search Filings feature to pull up the MCP 65 filing previously accepted by the agency. In addition to the "Create Form CA66" button, you'll now see a "Reinstate Form CA65" button. Click this button to generate a new, autopopulated MCP 65 filing:

Screen shot showing Reinstate Form CA 65 button for approved MCP 65 filing.

You'll see that the "Reinstate" box is automatically checked for you:

Screen shot showing MCP 65 filing with Reinstate check box autopopulated.

Simply review the autopopulated data and make any updates. You will be required to enter new policy effective dates for the reinstated policy, but that's all you need enter to complete your filing if no other policy information has changed.

Screen shot showing MCP 65 filing with autopopulated data except Effective Date.

Filers can rest assured that the "Reinstate" button will not be limited to MCP 65 filings only. The "Reinstate" feature will be implemented in upcoming releases for REG 1323 in California, and Form E, Form H, and SR-22 forms for other states.

Do you have other ideas to improve efficiency in NIC Insurance Filings? We love to hear your feedback. Email your ideas to support@tylerinsurancefilings.com.

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