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Louisiana expands use of electronic insurance filings

A new rule change eliminates the need for handwritten signatures

October 19, 2023

Starting October 13, 2023, a significant rule change in Louisiana now permits the use of electronic insurance filings for the initial applications of intrastate motor carriers. This change has a direct impact on motor carrier permit applications and the process for providing proof of insurance and notices of cancellation to the state government.

"Yes, it's more user friendly for both the insurance industry and Commission staff. It also expedites filings."

- Tammy Burl, Transportation Administrator, Louisiana Public Service Commission

Previously, insurers were required to submit physical copies of their Form E or H with handwritten signatures to the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) on behalf of commercial policyholders completing their initial application process for authority to operate in Louisiana. However, with the new rule in place, authorized insurance company representatives can now use Tyler Insurance Filings to instantaneously submit these filings online.

Tyler Insurance Filings has partnered with the LPSC since 2000 to provide electronic filing services to Commission staff and insurance companies. To streamline the filing process even further, the agency introduced amendments to the Commission's General Order dated January 12, 1976. This amendment now allows for all insurance filings (initial, renewal, and cancellation) to be submitted electronically via the Tyler Insurance Filings system.

Tammy Burl, Transportation Administrator, spoke with Commissioners Mike Francis, Foster L. Campbell, Craig Greene, Eric Skrmetta, and Davante Lewis about the benefits of electronic filing at the LPSC Business and Executive session on September 20, 2023. Their exchange is below, lightly edited for length and clarity.

Commissioner Campbell: How do they cancel insurance now?

Tammy Burl: The underwriter that filed the initial insurance filing files what we call a Form K, which is a cancellation notice. Some documents have an expiration date on them depending on the type of insurance. In the past, we did not have a means of electronic filings for insurance, and this will benefit the motor carrier when they're changing policies, renewing policies, or cancelling policies. We can put them all in the electronic filing system if the underwriters choose to do so.

Commissioner Campbell: It makes sense.

Commissioner Francis: Is this a more user-friendly operation for the businesspeople?

Tammy Burl: Yes, it's more user friendly for both the insurance industry and Commission staff. It also expedites filings. If a motor carrier cancels their insurance and is illegally operating over the highways of the state, the Commission can get that cancellation notice more quickly and get that rectified to ensure we don't have motor carriers operating without insurance over our highways.

Commissioner Francis: Did the new ideas come from the motor carriers or from your office?

Tammy Burl: The request came from the electronic filing system [Tyler Insurance Filings]. They have been expanding to a lot of states. We've been using them since 2000. They've been trying to get more insurance underwriters into this electronic filing system. We have some that only do it by mail, and as you know, the mail is not near as reliable as it has been. We've seen a lot of filings that get missed and we don't get them. Tyler Insurance Filings is trying to get more underwriters to file electronically, but we found the benefit not only for the underwriters to file electronically, but for the Commission staff to make sure that those motor carriers' insurance is continuously on file.

In today's digital age, electronic insurance filing has emerged as a superior and more secure alternative to traditional submission methods, like mail and email. Confidential information contained in proof of insurance can be vulnerable when sent through these traditional channels, let alone subject to delays in delivery and processing. Filing insurance electronically also reduces the risk of errors or missing information that often occurs when dealing with physical paperwork and leads to rejected filings. Tyler Insurance Filings offers insurance companies data protection throughout the entire filing process, better organization and record-keeping, automated business processes, and validation of insurance policy data against state business rules.

Tyler Insurance Filings is available to support your company, expand current online services, answer filing questions, and more. Contact our team at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com or call 703-841-6374.

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