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Web service integration options expanded to include Iowa and Washington

Insurance companies can automate form submissions to 23 states

Published: October 19, 2023

Tyler Insurance Filings recently expanded web service integration capabilities to include filing to two additional participating states that receive electronic filings through our system: Iowa and Washington. Now, web service users can submit filings to all 23 participating states without leaving their internal systems or logging in to the Tyler Insurance Filings website and retyping filing data.

Web service integration allows insurance companies to seamlessly exchange insurance policy data with government by connecting their backend policy management systems to Tyler Insurance Filings. Once connected, companies can automatically transmit insurance filing data through Tyler Insurance Filings for submission to government agencies, and then retrieve filing status updates and comments returned by the government back into their own system.

Graphic portrays that the Tyler Insurance Filings API connects insurance filers to 23 states.

New integration service includes filing options for:

  • Form E and Form K to the Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Form E, Form H, and Form K to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

The Tyler Insurance Filings web service also offers integrated filing options for state-specific forms, like the California MCP 65, as well as SR22 for filing future proof of financial responsibility for individual drivers. Check out the Products page to learn more from our state services map.

Review our technical web service specification document to learn more about the nuts and bolts of web service integration. The standard integration method uses SOAP methods to insert ("submit"), get ("retrieve"), and search for filing data. Recent enhancements to the "get" filing methods expanded search options and field combinations to help organizations pull the exact data results they need for effective analysis and tracking, as well as matching of filing data to a motor carrier's application record.

Need implementation help? Does the standard integration option not work for you? The Tyler Insurance Filings team is available throughout the setup and implementation process to guide your IT team through creating an integration solution that best meets your needs. Reach out to support@tylerinsurancefilings.com to set up a chat with our team and get started.

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