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Web service offerings upgraded to pull precise sets of data into government systems

Use expanded data filtering to return more efficient results and better analyze insurance data

Published: April 13, 2023

Tyler Insurance Filings has expanded our web service to allow government agencies to more specifically and accurately identify filing data that meet a larger range of search criteria.

Using the new getFilings method, integrated systems can automatically identify a subset of filings that meet any combination of six criteria, including: filing ID number, insurance policy number, motor carrier name, motor carrier doing business as (DBA) name, motor carrier state ID number, and US DOT number.

In particular, getFilings offers great potential for automating data matching between Tyler Insurance Filings and the agency's system of records.

A diagram of the getFilings workflow that enables agencies to expand data filtering capabilities and further automate processing.

The getFilings method was developed in conjunction with a recent system modernization effort carried out by the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED).

As part of the process of issuing intrastate operating authority to for-hire motor carriers in Michigan, CVED often requires a Form E as proof of active liability insurance to be submitted directly from the insurance carrier. Using the getFilings method, the agency's new CVED Authority Portal (CAP) system can automatically compare and match motor carrier registration information with Form E insurance filings submitted via the Tyler Insurance Filings system.

Tyler Insurance Filings web services and the new getFilings method supports automated analysis of filing data and reduces the need for manual review and staff time devoted to matching Tyler Insurance Filings' data with agency records. Integrating your agency's registration or backend system with Tyler Insurance Filings can give staff the ability to confirm proof of insurance in the same system where they review operating authority applications, rather than switching back and forth between the two programs.

Integration with web services also gives state agencies the ability to automatically deliver filing status information back to the insurance carrier. Agencies can review and transfer insurance policy data and filing status from Tyler Insurance Filings into their internal systems, and vice versa.

The getFilings method is also available for insurance companies that are interested in integration and need to precisely match their Tyler Insurance Filings filing data with their internal system records. Web services for insurance companies offers automatic transmission of required insurance policy data to government agencies, retrieval of status updates, and ability to pull filing data to display PDF forms within the company's internal policy management system.

Is your government agency or insurance company interested in automating your interactions with Tyler Insurance Filings? Review our government agency or insurance company documentation with your IT team and contact us at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com to get started!

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