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2022 Quarter 3

Georgia filing data validations updated for Form E, Form H, and Form K in NIC Insurance Filings system

Enhancements will improve compliance and help you file successfully every time

NIC Insurance Filings is the Georgia Department of Public Safety's preferred method for secure filing of Forms E, H, and K to meet agency requirements. The agency teamed up with NIC to add new state-specific data fields and validations for Form E, Form H, and Form K to improve data quality and speed up the review process. Learn more about agency filing data requirements to complete your filings successfully and improve your acceptance rates.

A screenshot showing the Create Filing process for Georgia

California MCP 65 reinstatement filing simplified with "Reinstate" button

Improve efficiency by reducing data entry to only the effective dates for a reinstatement filing

Insurance filers can now quickly reinstate a California policy by using the new "Reinstate Form CA65" button. Review this simple process to complete your reinstatements in only a few clicks.

Screen shot showing Reinstate Form CA 65 button for approved MCP 65 filing.

Refer a friend to earn free filings through NIC Insurance Filings

Encourage friends to sign up for a new account to receive free form filings

Spread the word about the advantages of NIC Insurance Filings and we'll thank you with a credit for free filings! Learn how to participate in this limited-time promotion.

A screenshot showing Refer A Friend image

NIC Insurance Filings celebrates the first anniversary of the automated review process for MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings

Most California DMV filings now processed in one business day thanks to system integration

Last year, NIC Insurance Filings and the California DMV teamed up to implement an efficient automated review system for MCP 65 and MCP 66 filings. Read more about how the system has reviewed thousands of filings in the last year without manual intervention.

"The automated review process has substantially decreased staff time committed to reviewing filings."

- Tamisha Anderson, Unit Manager, Motor Carrier Permit Operations, California DMV

State development preview: review filing history directly from your New Filings list

NIC Insurance Filings will identify prior related filings for a policy to assist with your review process

An upcoming enhancement will help agency users quickly and efficiently evaluate filing history for new filings awaiting review. Read more about how this feature will work and the expected benefits to state agencies.

A screenshot showing Filing view with the View Related Filings button

NIC Insurance Filings is featured in the Spot On Insurance podcast series

This summer NIC Insurance Filings' Director of Operations, Teri Berschneider, chatted with Arleen and Ted Taveras at Spot On Insurance, an educational resource for professionals in insurance. Read more about the highlights of the episode.

"Part of ensuring valid filings and preventing fraud is to get data directly from the source-the insurance company."

- Teri Berschneider, Director of Operations, NIC Insurance Filings

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