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Tyler Insurance Filings adds Policy Expiration Date feature

Insurers can use this new field to help manage cancellation and renewal reporting

Published: October 19, 2023

Insurance companies using Tyler Insurance Filings can greatly benefit from our new policy expiration date field, as it enables enhanced reporting and provides a foundation for additional features that will be introduced next year and beyond. The inclusion of policy expiration dates aims to provide a more comprehensive and accurate representation of the insurance policies reported via Tyler Insurance Filings.

The expiration date feature is available as an optional field during the Create Filing process for Form E and California MCP 65 filings. By including the expiration date, insurers can easily track upcoming policy expirations, ensure compliance with government requirements for reporting notice of termination/cancellation of insurance, and proactively manage policy renewals.

Current users can add the Expiration Date with the Form E or MCP 65 data under the Certificate of Insurance section, following the Effective Date field.

New form field for entering policy expiration date in the Create Filing interface.

Insurance users can view policy expiration date information by generating the Custom and Total Reports via the Reports menu or using the Search Filings feature. Insurance Admin users can also view this information by pulling the Filings Reports. A sample of the Custom Report displaying policy expiration data is shown below. This information can be viewed on screen when logged into your Tyler Insurance Filings account or by export to .CSV file.

Insurance users can view policy expiration date information on the Custom Reports.

Our expiration date feature is a valuable tool that allows insurers to optimize their policy management process. Collection of this information as well as expanded reporting can help insurance filers stay organized, reduce administrative tasks, and avoid lapses in coverage reporting for their customers.

As we continue to enhance the Tyler Insurance Filings program further, we are committed to expanding this feature across additional forms and features to provide even more value for insurance professionals, e.g., automated reminders for upcoming policy expirations. These developments will aim to further simplify processes, improve data accuracy, and provide insurers with better insights into their operations. Policy expiration information is exclusively intended for use by insurers and will not be shared with regulatory offices.

For questions, help using the expiration date field, or feedback on additional uses for this new feature, please contact our customer service team at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com or call 703-841-6374.

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