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Feature Spotlight: States can process forms faster and reverse filing rejections

Published: January 26, 2021

NIC Insurance Filings implemented enhancements on the state side of the system which make it easier to quickly process filings and make corrections. These state improvements help insurance filers receive status updates and feedback more quickly.

Select from Frequently Used Comments

Screenshot of interface for Select from Frequently Used Comments in NIC Insurance Filings

States can select comments from a drop-down menu that they can populate with common reasons for rejections, notes about pending filings and more agency-specific messaging. This new feature offers consistency in agency communications to insurance companies and reduces keystrokes.

Change Rejected Filing Status

Screenshot of Rejected Filings interface in NIC Insurance Filings.

If a state incorrectly rejects a filing, it's now easy for the agency administrator to assign a new status. The Rejected Filings interface displays another instance of the filings review page containing all rejected filings.

The agency administrator can simply select a new status for any rejected filing and enter a note to explain the reason for the change. The filer will receive a status update email - just like the one sent out when a new filing is processed.

Efficient Processing

Screenshot of new filing review interface inNIC Insurance Filings.

A new filing review interface will let states process filings more efficiently. Users will be able to filter filings by date, type, state ID and more key data. Each filing is processed with a few clicks:

NIC Insurance Filings would like to thank the California Department of Motor Vehicles for piloting these enhancements.

Would your state like to use this new interface? Email us at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com today!

Have ideas for new features for state users or insurance users? Reach out to let us know what you have inmind!

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