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2022 Quarter 2

Simplify your filing process and create an MCP 66 from an accepted MCP 65

New feature for insurance users reduces manual data entry for California filings

Speed up your California insurance cancellation filing process with NIC Insurance Filings' newest feature. Learn how to autopopulate your MCP 66 filings with information from the corresponding MCP 65.

A screenshot showing the Create Form CA66 button that appears when an MCP 65 form has been accepted

Automatically file SR22, MCP 65, and more insurance forms to state agencies today

Insurance companies can use web service integration to transmit personal and commercial insurance forms

Insurance companies can connect their backend systems to NIC Insurance Filings to automatically submit insurance forms and receive back status updates from state agencies. Hear from an insurance company about their experience and read more about the set up process.

"We submit and cancel hundreds of filings automatically through NIC Insurance Filings each month with no extra time needed for data entry."

- Jason Fletcher, Business Systems Analyst at Topa Insurance Company

File Iowa SR22 and SR26 and download the PDF certificates immediately

NIC Insurance Filings responds to insurance user feedback in the latest version released

Insurance filers can now obtain PDFs of SR22 and SR26 forms after submitting to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Review the steps to save a copy directly from your account.

A screenshot showing Iowa SR22 results and a hyperlink to download the PDF

State user tips: how to manage filings that you're not ready to process

Use the Pending status and upcoming Review Reminders feature to keep your review list in order

NIC Insurance Filings can help agency users stay organized when filings cannot be processed right away. Review how to assign a Pending status and learn about a future reminder feature to ensure pending filings are not forgotten.

Screen shot showing comment section filled out in the New Filings For State User Single Submit page.
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