Quarterly Newsletter

2023 Quarter 3

Louisiana expands use of electronic insurance filings

A new rule change eliminates the need for handwritten signatures

The Louisiana Public Service Commission rule change now allows for all insurance filings (initial, renewal, and cancellation) to be submitted online. Read more about this rulemaking and how you can use Tyler Insurance Filings to electronically file all of your Louisiana filings.

"Yes, it's more user friendly for both the insurance industry and Commission staff. It also expedites filings."

- Tammy Burl, Transportation Administrator, Louisiana Public Service Commission

A new National Digital Titling Clearinghouse is changing the game for insurers

Title approvals now available in as little as a day

Tyler Technologies, Champ Titles, and the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles have streamlined the process to obtain a vehicle title from anywhere in the country. Read how insurance carriers can benefit from this brand new, national service.

Graphic depicts The Digital Titling Clearinghouse as a hub for companies that are not based in WV to title their vehicles through an accurate and efficient electronic platform, regardless of the state in which a vehicle may be located.

Tyler Insurance Filings adds Policy Expiration Date feature

Insurers can use this new field to help manage cancellation and renewal reporting

Insurance users can now add the policy expiration date during the Create Filing process for Form E and California MCP 65 filings. Read how including this data leads to enhanced reporting and better tracking of upcoming policy expirations for cancellation and renewal reporting.

New form field for entering policy expiration date in the Create Filing interface.

Web service integration options expanded to include Iowa and Washington

Insurance companies can automate form submissions to 23 states

Tyler Insurance Filings expanded web service capabilities to include more states and enhanced "get" filings methods. Learn how insurance companies can simplify filing to 23 participating states with integration.

Graphic portrays that the Tyler Insurance Filings API connects insurance filers to 23 states.
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