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2022 Quarter 1

File SR22 and SR26 forms to Maine now through NIC Insurance Filings

Online insurance filing is available today! No need to mail or fax.

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles now accepts SR22 and SR26 proof of insurance forms through NIC Insurance Filings.

Learn more about how to submit these personal auto insurance forms using your existing account.

Screen shot showing selections for SR-22 and Maine in the Create Filing interface.

Pennsylvania PUC now receives 99% of Form E, H, and K filings online through NIC Insurance Filings

Electronic insurance filings keeps more motor carriers on the road

The PUC has worked with NIC Insurance Filings to nearly eliminate paper filings of common commercial insurance forms. Online filings have increased 40% since 2019.

See how your agency can increase online filings and decrease motor carrier suspensions with help from the NIC Insurance Filings Team.

"Online filing of insurance forms moved beyond a common method to near universal usage for insurance companies working with the PUC."

- Tatjana Roth, Motor Carrier Compliance Supervisor for the PUC

Washington UTC uses NIC Insurance Filings to improve accuracy of commercial insurance records

Outreach encourages Form K filings and reduces insurance company risk

The Washington UTC embarked on an effort to update the state's commercial insurance records and called on NIC Insurance Filings for assistance.

Read about how this collaboration benefitted the agency and insurance companies in eliminating outstanding risk.

Form K filing for WA UTC

Non-admitted insurers can now electronically file MCP 65, REG 1323 to California

Supporting motor carrier compliance with better access for non-admitted insurers

Turn off your fax machine and file to the California DMV online.

Learn more about how insurers not licensed in California can now file MCP 65, MCP 66, REG 1323 and REG 1325 electronically.

Screen shot showing form selections for MCP 65 filing by non-admitted insurers.

Meet the NIC Insurance Filings Team at upcoming industry events

Come see us in-person at an upcoming event and discuss how we can help add efficiencies to your process for reporting proof of insurance.

Read more about upcoming events.

Screen shot of upcoming events
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