Quarterly Newsletter

2021 Quarter 3

Tips for Successful Filing with California's New Automated Review System

The California DMV and NIC Insurance Filings teamed up to implement a new automated review system to speed up filing review times.

Review some tips for filing successfully with this new system.

Screenshot of interface for California Motor Carrier Information and new automated review system.

Iowa DOT Now Only Accepts Online Filings

As of 7/1/21, Iowa's policy is to accept insurance filings online only. NIC Insurance Filings is ready to help, offering 5 different forms for filing with the Iowa DOT.

Learn more about how to get started!

Screenshot of interface for Create Filings page with 5 different forms for the Iowa DOT.

MCS-90 Now Updated to Latest Version

NIC Insurance Filings now includes the newest version of the MCS-90, issued earlier this year by the FMCSA.

Check out a sample and read more about the update.

Screenshot of latest MCS-90 Form PDF copy available in NIC Insurance Filings.

NIC Insurance Filings Includes State Agency Resources for Filing Questions

NIC Insurance Filings incorporates guidance from state agencies to answer your questions and help you file successfully.

Learn what's available for users, and where to find the info.

Screenshot of interface for Rules/Regulations available in primary navigation top right of page.

State Feature Spotlight: Fix Erroneous Filing Rejections

Have you ever rejected a filing by mistake and wished you could undo it? Your state administrator can take care of it using the Rejected Filings feature.

Walk through the steps to reverse a rejection.

Screenshot of interface for Rejected Filings Search Results List.
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