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Admitted Insurers, Non-admitted Insurers, Charitable Risk Pools, and Risk Retention Groups can file insurance online to California with Tyler Insurance Filings

Learn how to set up filing companies to successfully file as any one of the four insurance carrier types

Published: July 13, 2023

Did you know four types of insurers can use Tyler Insurance Filings to submit forms electronically to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? Admitted Insurers, Non-admitted Insurers, Charitable Risk Pools, and Risk Retention Groups can file four forms online to the California DMV Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) Operations unit:

  • MCP 65, Motor Carriers of Property Certificate of Insurance (MC 65 M)
  • MCP 66, Notice of Cancellation of Insurance (MC 66 M)
  • REG 1323, Private Carrier of Passengers Certificate of Insurance
  • REG 1325, Notice of Cancellation of Insurance

To file successfully, your account administrator will first need to set up each filing company in Tyler Insurance Filings. The Manage Filing Company interface includes questions to specify an applicable insurance company type in the state of California. Below is an example of a filing company set up for a Non-admitted Insurer:

Interface for a filing company indicating that they are a Non-admitted insurer in California.

Correct selections in this interface will ensure that each form filed online contains accurate information for your filing companies. The Tyler Insurance Filings system will also apply business rules based on your insurance company type to ensure you provide all information required by the California DMV. Error messages will appear if required information is missing, as shown below:

Example of error messages created when required information is missing or incorrectly entered for a California MC 65 M filing.

By expanding the types of insurers allowed to file online through your company's Tyler Insurance Filings account, you can improve operations and increase efficiency in managing California insurance filings. Since 2021, companies using Tyler Insurance Filings to file and cancel insurance to the California DMV experience:

  • 82% acceptance rates
  • One business day response for 99% of filings

Ready to use Tyler Insurance Filings to file certificates of insurance online for more of your filing companies? Our support team is ready to help. Drop us a line at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com to request assistance or set up an administrator training session with one of our customer service representatives.

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