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Web Service Integration Launched for Insurance Companies

Published: January 26, 2021

In Autumn 2020, NIC Insurance Filings rolled out a web service integration option to help insurance companies file forms and track their status automatically.

Companies can now integrate their own back-end systems with NIC Insurance Filings to submit forms to the California DMV and to receive back status updates. This means web service users no longer need to log into NIC Insurance Filings to submit forms or review status updates when filing to California. Instead, they can use their own internal system to see all the information.

Integration is achieved through the creation of an API. Some IT resources are required to make this happen, but NIC Insurance Filings makes it easy with documentation that guides developers through the setup and support from the NIC Insurance Filings development team.

The NIC Insurance Filings web service will be expanded in 2021 to include filing forms E, H, K, SR22, SR23 and SR26 to participating states.

Web services is also available for integration with government agency back-end systems to eliminate duplicate data entry, increase automation and save time.

Interested in improving your efficiency? Review web service set up documentation for insurance companies (PDF) and states (PDF). We're ready to chat about the next steps with you or your IT department! Contact us at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com.

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