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Simplify your filing process and create an MCP 66 from an accepted MCP 65

New feature for insurance users reduces manual data entry for California filings

Published: June 27, 2022

The newest release of NIC Insurance Filings allows insurance filing users to create a cancellation notice (MCP 66) from a corresponding MCP 65 (sometimes called DMV 65 MCP certificate) that was previously submitted and accepted in the system.

To use this new feature:

Log in at tylerinsurancefilings.com. Don't have an account? Enroll online today.

Click the Search Filings tab and navigate to the accepted MCP 65 form for the policy that you wish to cancel. You may search by Policy Number, Motor Carrier Legal Name, and/or select California from the State drop-down menu.

If the MCP 65 form has been ACCEPTED, a blue Create Form CA66 button will appear in the Actions column of the Search Results page.

A screenshot showing the Create Form CA66 button that appears when an MCP 65 form has been accepted

Upon clicking the Create Form CA66 button, data from the accepted MCP 65 form will be used to generate a new MCP 66 filing. Policy number, insurance company details, and motor carrier information will be automatically populated for all MCP 66 filings.

It is important to note that if multiple types of insurance and policy effective dates were listed on the original MCP 65, then those fields will not prepopulate on the MCP 66, and you will have to specify which insurance policy you would like to cancel. However, if the MCP 65 form had only one type of insurance and policy effective date listed, then those fields will prepopulate on the MCP 66 filing. Also, this autofill feature is only available if the initial MCP 65 form is in an ACCEPTED status.

Complete the Date Original Certificate of Insurance Was Issued and Date of Cancellation.

Click Submit.

As a reminder, NIC Insurance Filings has a similar feature to allow insurance users to create Form K cancellation notices from accepted Form E filings.

Would this feature also be helpful for reinstatement of insurance policies? Reach out to support@tylerinsurancefilings.com to share your thoughts!

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