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Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission updates authority types for intrastate motor carriers

Insurance filers will have new options when filing to Pennsylvania

Published: July 13, 2023

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) and Tyler Insurance Filings recently collaborated to update the intrastate motor carrier authority types of service when filing Forms E and H to the state. The purpose of these updates is to make filing proof of insurance easy, more flexible, and a seamless online experience.

Pennsylvania filers will notice this change in the online filing interface when selecting Type Of Authority/Service. Four options have been removed and replaced with two new choices. The new selections are 'Truck - household goods in use' and 'Truck - general freight (incl. new & office furniture)'.

Interface for creating a Pennsylvania filing, showing the new authority type options,'Truck - household goods in use' and 'Truck - general freight (incl. new & office furniture)'

This update helps insurance filers more accurately categorize motor carrier operations and identify risks in order to ensure the motor carrier has the correct minimum insurance coverage to meet state requirements for authority to operate. In addition, being able to instantly transmit insurance information online helps motor carriers operating in Pennsylvania stay compliant and reduces the likelihood of erroneous permit cancellations.

Insurance filers can visit the Pennsylvania PUC website for more information and descriptions of the intrastate motor carrier authority types.

Our electronic filing services are available in twenty-three states, including Pennsylvania. Online insurance filing continues to be an important tool for insurance carriers to ensure their motor carrier clients receive prompt service and remain compliant with state regulations. Visit our state coverage map or contact us at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com for more information.

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