Quarterly Newsletter

2021 Quarter 1

2020 Highlights

In 2020, NOR MCInfo became NIC Insurance Filings. Service expanded into Iowa and Washington, and the addition of 2 California-specific forms and 3 high-risk insurance forms to file online.

Read more about our new brand and the latest services.

Screenshot of the Home page for NIC Insurance Filings.

New Features for State Agencies

The NIC Insurance Filings team developed new features to help state agencies process insurance filings more efficiently. The new interface enhancements help state agencies search for filings, process individual filings more quickly, and reduce typing. Agency administrators can reverse erroneous rejections too.

Learn more about these enhancements and how to begin using them.

Screenshot of the New Filings page for NIC Insurance Filings.

State Pandemic Support

NIC Insurance Filings is glad to support state agencies to improve data quality and increase compliance with state requirements. During the pandemic, NIC Insurance Filings helped the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission continue to serve insurance companies and prevent lapses in coverage.

Read the full story.

Quote text hightlighted from article. NIC delivers on our organization's mission to provide a quick, convenient solution for insurance companies to file the required documentation for their motor carrier customers.

Streamline Filing Processes with Web Services for Insurance Users

Insurance companies have a new option to integrate NIC Insurance Filings with their own internal systems and processes.

Find out how to set up a web service to stop entering your filings manually.

Coming Soon: File SR22 and SR26 to Washington Department of Licensing

NIC Insurance Filings is preparing to add SR22 and SR26 filing service for the Washington Department of Licensing. Take a peek at the new form and learn more about our system's current filing options for Washington.

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