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2023 Quarter 4

Tyler Insurance Filings 2023 highlights

Improving insurance reporting for 25 years

Last year, Tyler Insurance Filings continued a regular cadence of system updates that focused on new features and adding value - from a new look to a new form, new reports, faster delivery, and more! Take a look back at our program highlights from 2023.

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Washington's new rule for reviewing surplus lines brokers speeds up insurance filing approvals

New process simplifies verification for non-admitted insurance policies

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission's (UTC) simplified review process will now allow insurance policies written by non-admitted insurance companies to be reviewed internally by UTC staff. Learn more about this rule change and how to submit filings as a non-admitted insurer.

"This is consistent with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules on insurance, and it will also create efficiencies within the commission."

- Mathew Perkinson, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

New report allows insurance users to search by expiration date

Improved reporting feature aims to help insurers manage important filing deadlines

A new Policy Expiration Report allows insurance users to easily review policies that may need a notice of cancellation, renewal, or reinstatement. Discover how to use the expiration date field to improve policy management.

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New autopopulation options now available for more California filings

MCP 67 and REG 1323 filings can be completed using data from previous filings

Our autopopulate feature, launched in 2022, saves time by allowing users to generate a new form using data from a previously filed and agency accepted form. With the expansion of this feature to MCP 67 and REG 1323, this feature is now available for 7 forms. Take advantage of this feature and learn where to find filings eligible for one-click reinstatement or cancellation.

Autopopulate filings for:

  • Forms E, H, K
  • MCP 65, 66, 67
  • REG 1323
  • SR26
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