Quarterly Newsletter

2023 Quarter 2

Tyler Insurance Filings adds the California MCP 67 policy endorsement to form offerings

You can use Tyler Insurance Filings to securely generate and manage required insurance filings online

The MCP 67 (also known as MC 67 M) Insurance Policy Endorsement can now be generated and managed online through Tyler Insurance Filings. This endorsement is our fifth California-specific form available online. Read more about the newest form here.

Interface for creating a CA MCP 67 (MC 67 M) Endorsement form

Georgia filing interface enhanced to accept insurance certificates for more intrastate passenger carrier types

File Forms E, H, and K for motor carriers with vehicles holding 10 or fewer passengers

Tyler Insurance Filings now accepts Georgia filings for passenger carriers with vehicles that hold ten passengers or fewer. Learn more about the Georgia Department of Public Safety's (DPS) insurance filing requirements for intrastate carriers.

Graphic showing interface for regular Passenger Carrier vs Passenger Carrier 10 or fewer with no GIMC ID number requirement.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission updates authority types for intrastate motor carriers

Insurance filers now have new options when filing certificates of insurance to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania filers will notice updates to the online filing interface when generating E and H forms. Read more about the new Authority/Service options for motor carriers regulated by the Pennsylvania PUC.

Interface for creating a Pennsylvania filing, showing the new authority type options,'Truck - household goods in use' and 'Truck - general freight (incl. new & office furniture)'

Admitted Insurers, Non-admitted Insurers, Charitable Risk Pools, and Risk Retention Groups can file insurance online to California with Tyler Insurance Filings

Learn how to set up filing companies to successfully file as any one of the four insurance carrier types

The California DMV accepts electronic certificate of insurance filings from all types of insurers. Read these tips to ensure the correct information is recorded into each filing.

Interface for a filing company indicating that they are a Non-admitted insurer in California.
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