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Submit Form K filings that meet Georgia's requirements the first time with NIC Insurance Filings

Recent enhancements help you easily inform the Department of Public Safety about cancellations

Published: January 11, 2023

Insurance companies can improve compliance by quickly informing state agencies when a motor carrier's coverage is cancelled. NIC Insurance Filings makes this process quick and easy by offering electronic insurance filing of Form K - Uniform Notice of Cancellation of Motor Carrier Insurance Policies.

For filings to Georgia, recent system enhancements now guide you through providing the right information to submit complete Form K filing information every time.

NIC Insurance Filings is the Georgia Department of Public Safety's preferred method for receiving insurance filings for Form E, Form H, and Form K. The agency collaborated with the NIC team to implement form fields and business rules that make NIC Insurance Filings a simple and reliable method to file forms that meet agency requirements.

Review the Georgia Filing Tips Sheet for general information about filing to Georgia, or read on to learn more about filing Form Ks.

Form K Requirements

The Create Filings interface for Georgia Form E, Form H, and Form K filings includes fields to collect state-specific information like operating status, type of authority, and state motor carrier ID number(s). This information is provided to motor carriers when they register to operate within the state.

To create a Form K for Georgia, you can initiate a new filing via the Create Filing interface. NIC Insurance Filings will prompt you to provide the information required by the DPS.

Screen shot showing required data for Georgia Form K.

If you previously filed a Form E or Form H for the policy in NIC Insurance Filings, then you also can use the "Create Form K" button available for all previously approved Form E and Form H filings. This button is accessible from the Search Results page:

Screen shot showing button to autopopulate Form K for Georgia.

The "Create Form K" button autopopulates filing data included on Form E and Form H filings. If a filing was submitted before October 2022, then it will not include the new required information by Georgia. In this case, you'll need to enter the state-specific information manually.

Georgia motor carrier ID numbers

The Georgia Department of Public Safety uses state motor carrier ID numbers, known as MCA numbers, to verify the registration status of the insured company. Different numbers are issued for each authority type, including Georgia Intrastate Motor Carriers (GIMC), Household Goods Carriers, and Passenger Carriers.

For GIMC carriers, insurance companies can provide a USDOT number instead of the GIMC MCA number. This rule applies to Form K filings only - the MCA number is required for Form E filings for GIMC carriers.

Screen shot showing ID number field for Georgia Form K.

Still need help filing Form Ks? support@tylerinsurancefilings.com for help with locating MCA numbers and other guidance on filing to Georgia.

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