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NIC Insurance Filings is now Tyler Insurance Filings

NIC Insurance Filings rebrands, unveils new name and website

Published: April 13, 2023

It's official! We are now known as Tyler Insurance Filings and our website has moved to www.tylerinsurancefilings.com. Our new name allows us to better align with our parent company, Tyler Technologies, Inc., and adopt a unified identity that captures our collective strength and vision for the future. Our website also underwent several branding updates and is being redesigned in phases, starting with the public facing pages.

First, our updated homepage features a new logo, navigation bar, and look and feel.

The updated Homepage for Tyler Insurance Filings features a new logo and navigation options.

Next, we launched a brand-new Products page that provides an overview of our products and services. Visitors can now read about the benefits of participating in Tyler Insurance Filings as well as use an interactive map to quickly review available offerings by state. Click on or hover over a state on the map to see the list of available forms, filing methods (web application or API), and PDF certificate options.

The new Products page provides an overview of products and services and features an interactive map that allows users to review available offerings by state.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of Tyler Insurance Filings, our newly designed About Us page features information about our company, our parent company Tyler Technologies, Inc., and how we have evolved from inception to where we are today.

The About Us page features information about our company, our history, and our parent company, Tyler Technologies, Inc.

Our updated News section continues to feature our quarterly newsletter where you can find a plethora of great information on the latest system features and enhancements, program announcements, filing tips, and more. Stay up to date with our latest news and events by subscribing to our quarterly newsletter email list.

The News pages features our quarterly newsletter where visitors can read about the latest system features and enhancements, program announcements, filing tips, subscribe to our newsletter, and more.

We streamlined our Frequently Asked Questions page by adding accordion menus. As the system expanded in recent years to include new forms, features, customizations, and enhancements, our most frequently asked questions and answers also evolved. With this in mind, we overhauled the page to bring the most relevant and timely content in a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface.

The updated Frequently Asked Questions page, showing commonly asked questions, is now easier to navigate with accordion menus and search.

We also added a new Contact Us page. You can use the Contact Form to request help or send an inquiry to our customer support team. This page is also where you can find our hours of support and additional contact information. Please note that we updated our support email addresses. For customer support please contact support@tylerinsurancefilings.com. For billing inquiries, please contact billing@tylerinsurancefilings.com. Our customer service phone number, 703-841-6374, remains unchanged.

The Contact Us page offers a form that visitors can use to connect with our customer support team.

The system works the same as before the redesign and current users can log in with their existing credentials. All system functionality, including the processes to file forms, generate reports, and track filing status remains unchanged. Automated system notifications also include the new name, logo, and contact information. Future updates will include new application features and upgrades as well as redesigns of the authenticated pages.

Don't forget to update your bookmarks! Visitors accessing www.nicinsurancefilings.com are automatically redirected to our new website.

Review our rebrand tips sheet for more information about what's new with Tyler Insurance Filings.

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