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Tyler Insurance Filings enhances data security with electronic reporting

Learn the advantages of filing proof-of-insurance forms online

Published: April 13, 2023

Tyler Insurance Filings offers an efficient online process for insurance companies and their authorized representatives to submit online and/or generate PDF insurance certificates for all 50 states. Data security and protection is of utmost importance to give our users peace of mind knowing their policy data is safe when completing an electronic transaction with Tyler Insurance Filings.

Read on to understand 6 advantages Tyler Insurance Filings offers through the convenience of secure online reporting of insurance data.

A cell phone receives instant filing status updates with Tyler Insurance Filings.

Instant delivery and notifications

Certification of insurance submitted through the mail or fax is subject to delays, being lost in transfer, misuse and/or unauthorized access of private policy data. With Tyler Insurance Filings, online filings are instantly delivered to the corresponding participating agency. Delivery confirmation is returned immediately upon successful submission and users can use robust search and reporting features to track filing progress. Filers are immediately notified of all status changes by email.

Many proof-of-insurance filings and cancellations can be generated with a single click, reducing manual entry and data errors.

Save time and resources

Manual methods to report insurance data in compliance with state financial responsibility laws are expensive, time consuming, and vulnerable to security threats. Tyler Insurance Filings reduces manual data entry and streamlines the process to report proof-of-insurance to government. Users can generate new filings or copy data across filings with a single click. Your company's historical records can be accessed quickly through robust online search and reporting tools, allowing for the reduction in paper usage and costly physical storage needs that may lead to lost or damaged records. Online filing also reduces the time and money spent on mailing or faxing paper forms.

Using Tyler Insurance Filings reduces fraud by ensuring only authorized personnel can submit and access data.

Prevent insurance fraud

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is not uncommon and can lead to serious penalties and costly events for insurers and businesses. Tyler Insurance Filings prevents fraud by thoroughly vetting all system users. Only valid insurance companies and their authorized representatives, and authorized government personnel can access our system. Online data reporting is available behind a secure login and requires unique user credentials to access. Tyler Insurance Filings offers common forms and processes that are endorsed by and recognizable to the participating government agencies. Tyler Insurance Filings also offers cancellation reporting when a policy is terminated, cancelled, or lapsed.

Tyler Insurance Filings automatically validates entered insurance policy data for compliance against agency defined requirements.

Improve data quality and acceptance rates

Insurance companies commonly experience delays in receiving approval of paper insurance certificates due to illegible or damaged physical copies, and/or missing or inaccurate information. Tyler Insurance Filings automatically validates entered insurance policy data for compliance against agency defined requirements. Using Tyler Insurance Filings can increase your company's acceptance rates by verifying data completeness and compliance to business rules prior to submission, reducing delays and supporting better customer service for your policyholders.

Online filing with Tyler Insurance Filings ensures policyholder data is protected.

Enhanced data confidentiality, access, and integrity

A common security concern is data protection. Paper documents can easily be copied, damaged, lost, misplaced, or stolen, and backup solutions for paper records can be exorbitant in price. All policy data entered in Tyler Insurance Filings is encrypted at rest and in transit and protected by best-in-class security practices. Your company's insurance policy data is not public, never shared, and cannot be accessed by other accounts. You must be an authorized representative of an insurance company to access the online system. Previously reported policy data or PDF certificates can easily be accessed using our search and reporting tools. Tyler Insurance Filings conducts daily backups and performs regular tests of incident response and disaster recovery procedures.

Web services reduce processing time and manual data entry, and provide a dependable and secure connection between insurance carriers and government agencies.

Automatic data exchange and processing

Manual data entry is not only time consuming, but often leads to human error and inaccurate information that may cause even bigger issues in the future. Our web services allow insurance company and agency users to automatically exchange insurance policy data through integration of their policy center or backend system with Tyler Insurance Filings. Custom rules can be implemented to match new data to historical policies, automatically review and accept submitted forms, pull filing status information and other data to generate PDF certificates, and more.

At Tyler Insurance Filings, security will always be a top priority. Our efforts are validated each year by a third-party security audit based on NIST 800-53 standards and security controls. Tyler's centralized security team is also dedicated to continuously monitoring and enhancing the security posture of our offerings, and we are committed to continuing to provide you an innovative, secure solution to report required insurance data to government.

Interested in learning more about the advantages of filing online with Tyler Insurance Filings? Check out our Products page or contact customer support at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com.

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