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2021 Quarter 4

Insurance Companies Now Filing with Automated Integration

Web service integration enables insurance companies to connect to NIC Insurance Filings via their internal systems, allowing users to rapidly transmit and review filing information.

Learn more about automated processing and the benefits of web service integration.

"We are now able to seamlessly connect our policyholders to the California DMV so they can quickly receive all of the work comp documentation they need."

- Paul Zamora, ICW Group

California Automation Progress and Pending Filings

With automated review, 80% of California's forms are processed in just one business day! What happens when a filing is marked as "pending" status?

Read tips and FAQs about pending filings here.

Screenshot of Insurance Policy marked pending email.

Form Filing Lifecycle: What Happens After You Hit Submit?

What happens after an insurance form is generated? The filing summary page and search feature can help you track all your forms as they are being processed, and notify you when more action is required.

Read more about What Happens After You Hit Submit.

Screenshot of NIC Insurance Filings Create Filing summary page.

Update Filing Company Setup to Improve Your Filing Process

Admin users can improve your acceptance rate by reviewing account information. Inaccuracies recorded in the admin account will be pre-populated into forms created by all users.

Learn how to review and edit Filing Company information.

Screenshot of NIC Insurance Filings Update Filing Company State Specific License Information.

State Highlight: Comments Feature Streamlines Reviews

NIC Insurance Filings' comment feature comes pre-loaded with frequently used comments in the drop-down box. Administrators can edit and customize which comments appear to users.

Click here to learn more about the comment menu.

Screenshot of NIC Insurance Filings Manage State Agency Comments.
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