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State Feature Spotlight: State Agencies Can Fix Erroneous Filing Rejections with Administrator Features

Published: August 23, 2021

Everyone makes mistakes occasionally, and NIC Insurance Filings has a feature to help state agencies make corrections.

State agency administrators can change the status of rejected filings using the Rejected Filings interface:

Screenshot of interface for Rejected Filings Search.

Admin users can locate a filing using a policy number, insurance company or motor carrier name, or filing rejection date. Then, the administrator can change the status with a few clicks:

Screenshot of interface for Rejected Filings Search Results List.

Correcting erroneous rejections improves communications with motor carriers and insurance companies:

  • NIC Insurance Filings notifies insurance filers any time you update a filing status, ensuring interested parties are well-informed.
  • The system provides filers with access to the newly accepted forms in PDF format. Filers do not have access to PDF filings that were assigned a rejected status.

Reach out to us at support@tylerinsurancefilings.com for assistance with fixing erroneous filing rejections!

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